The Ultimate Guide to Table Saw Buying Guide

Table saw is one the most important and useful item in woodworking tools list as it makes easier to straighten, rip and bevel different types of cuts. As it is meant to increase productivity and efficiency during work, there are several factors which need to be focused on purchasing a table saw.

Over viewing your self-working or commercial needs for a table saw, several new features being introduced which are designed to provide long term benefit. So, if you are excited about purchasing the best table saw for the money, this table saw buying guide surely has some helpful tips and methods to be followed.

Types and Categories of Table Saw


As there are numerous types and kinds of the table saw available, it might become difficult for a non-professional person to avail the best value for money. As each of them is classified according to its performance and specification, you are advised to learn about your work requirements at first.

Before you buy a table saw, it is important to learn about main categories such as portable or job site saw hybrid saws, cabinet saws, and contractor saws.

Portable or Jobsite Saw


Coming over to the first category, portable or job site saw is the ultimate solution for people who need handy machinery. As it can be mounted on a stand without any hassle, they feature a unique design pattern along with high-end performance perks.

Designed for carpenters who work at different job sites, the product features a lightweight universal motor along with an aluminum top. Portable table saws are best suitable for home improvement enthusiasts as well.

Contractor Saws

Contractor Saws

When studying about ultimate table saws reviews, we have found that contractor saws are the finest amongst all other types. As they feature a solid cast iron table top along with strengthened extension wings, the gearing and assembly are finely tuned to meet commercial work requirements.

As there are a lot of positive contractor table saw reviews over the internet, they are still considered as the most affordable solution for homeowners as well. To select the best contractor table saw, you need to learn about its motor, horse power, and blade cutting accuracy as well.

Hybrid Saws

Hybrid Saws

For complex woodworking projects, hybrid saws are surely the absolute solution available. As they are originally a combination of contractor and cabinet saws, a lot of new and useful features have also been introduced for customer satisfaction.

Including heavier gears and trunnions combined with a cast iron main saw table, you can now greatly enhance your work skills without any inconvenience. Rip fence, miter gauge, and bevel system are three main components of a table saw which provide a complete mechanism to perform complex tasks.

Things to Consider When Buying Table Saw

As we are now aware of the best portable table saw the performance and mechanism parks, learning about its functionality and safety features is immensely important. Before making any final decision, do not forget to avail some useful information regarding the saw blades, fence and miter gauge, and motor and product accessories.

It is helpful if you can learn some skills about how to use a table saw to increase work efficiency and reduce time frame as well. For people who work occasionally and spend fewer hours at their shop, purchasing a cabinet saw can be the best idea. Whereas, professional workers are advised to avail contractor or hybrid saws as they are best suitable for hard work.

Performance and Specifications

Performance Table Saw

Studying a table saw guide can be fruitful as you can learn about latest features and design patterns. Talking about the saw blades, commercial grade equipment features blades up to 12” whereas handy machines can also be found having 5” saw blades.

Moreover, fence and miter gauge must also be overviewed to meet your work requirements. They are meant to enhance perfection and can be adjusted in different angles according to your adjustments.

As the motor is the main driving force behind a table saw, more power and energy can help you in achieving work targets. Usually, machines operate on 240V and produce up to 5hp for which you also need to learn detailed specifications as well.

Select a Good Blade

Blade Table Saw

A good blade is very much essential for the best ripping and crosscutting wood. When you use sheet stock, you can see other blades to assist you to obtain a perfectly clean-cut. We think Dado blades can be very helpful also. A good blade can be durable to making a good quality cut.

Product Safety and Accessories

Along with performance and specifications, gaining information about product safety and accessories can give the best benefit. The riving knives, anti-kickback pawls, and splitters must be present in your selected table saw to stay safe from razor sharp blades.

Coming over to the required accessories, table extensions, moving wheels, onboard storage and control switches must also be ensured. Furthermore, dust collection systems and blade adjustment control provides better usability and increases efficiency during work.


As you are now aware of the main aspects of a table saw, you can also purchase extra accessories such as dado blade sets, molding heads, cross cut sled and a router table for absolute performance. Moreover, dust chutes and blowers are useful tables saw extras which can prevent you from unwanted dust when at work.

As most of the products are suitable for various woodworking projects and home improvement procedures, mobile stands, and extendable rip fences can also be implemented to avail extended support.

Search a Good Fence

Fence-Table-Saw (Via

By using a fence, most table saws cut a good piece. So a solid and straight fence which doesn’t flex and looks square to the blade is very easy to adjust. Moreover, the locks definitely to the table will suborn in the long run in case you employ the saw often. So you have to search a good fence for your wood cutting project.


As you are now aware of the best types, categories and performance factors of a table saw, making your final purchase will surely become easier and free of hassle. By over viewing the factors and specifications of different table saws as explained in this article. We are sure our readers will be able to purchase the best table saw for the money.

With the never ending technological advancements and improvements, we are sure you are now able to differentiate between the available options.

By following the tips and methods as explained above, we are sure you are now able to purchase the ultimate table saw. If you are satisfied with this post, please share it with your associates and comment us.

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