How To Use A Miter Saw

“How to use a miter saw” is a fundamental subject for all miter saw users, especially woodworkers. We know that Miter Saw is a great woodworking tool. It can provide the capability to make exact, angled cuts on the edge of most materials.

Miter saws arrive in all sizes, shapes, and colors. The contemporary miter saws contain a trigger built into the handle. Besides some also contain a safety button that you have to push with your finger or even thumb before you can press the trigger. In this post, let me proceed through a few of the major points on how to use a miter saw.

Learn the types of cuts you can make with a miter saw. Watch the DIY Basics video: here

Required Tools & Materials:

Required Tools:

Here are the major required tools for this DIY project prearranged before you start. You will save time as well as frustration.

  • Miter saw
  • Safety glasses
  • Hearing protection

Required Materials:

Prevent last-minute buying trips with all of your elements ready in advance. Here’s a list.

• 1 x 4 for the sacrificial fencing
• 3/4-inch screws
• Stock blocks

How To Use A Miter Saw Correctly

Step 01: Select The Size And Type Of Miter Saw:

Miter saws can be found in 3 different types such as Standard, Compound, and Sliding.

The Standard miter saw is a simple miter saw that can make a 900 cut even though components at angles between 450 to the right and left. The blade is held aligned simply by utilization of a great angle level and locking device.

The Compound miter saw can tilt the blade to a particular angle to make a compound cut, therefore the name.

The Sliding miter saw will be able to slide on a horizontal arm. The saw could be pushed through a material, therefore, allowing a much bigger and wider piece of material to be cut.

Step 02: Adjust The Angel For An Ideal Miter:


Adjust the sharp blade angle to adjust miter cuts for a good fit slightly. Push the blade adjuster plus hold it constantly in place till you tighten up the locking handle. But you can adjust it easily for the mini miter saw. You also have to know how to use a miter saw appropriately.

Step 03: Clean Cuts Focus On A Reliable Hands And A Firm Grip:

Line up the sharp blade with each side of this tag. Lift the blade guard with your thumb plus sight down each edge of the blade to line up your cut.

Caution: Take out your fingers from the switch as long as you’re aiming the lower. Hold or clamp the workpiece firmly. After that steadily launch the cutter safeguard and return your hands for the switch to create your cut.

Step 04: Cutting Short Pieces Needs Unique Techniques:

When you need to cut miters on a bit less than about eight inches long, cut these from an extended piece so that you can maintain the fingers in the safe area from the blade. If you want a six inches piece of baseboard with miters on both equally ends, for instance, cut one miter on the end of an extensive piece of base. If the miter saw table is perfect, cutting will be perfect as well.

Mark for the other meter, change the miter saw position, and take off the six inches piece when you contain the much longer end. Really small pieces fall through the huge gap in the fence on several saws and can simply break or become flung over the space. Occasionally it’s beneficial to screw a taller timber fence on your miter saw to aid large trim and decrease the scale the area close to the blade. The fence provides holes that are for this purpose just.

Miter saws are different slightly for every brand. You see different types of brands such as Hitachi miter saw, Bosch miter saw and Dewalt miter saw. The greater you utilize your saw, the, even more, you will get utilized to its eccentricities and the easier it’ll be to obtain appropriate results.

Step 05: Make A Jig To Hold Crowns Plus Coves:

Make use of a jig for crown molding. Create a jig to hold the crown moldings at the right position. Establish a scrap of the molding upside down in the jig and mark the positioning of your end. Turn the stop to the jig. Place almost all fasteners away from the path belonging to the blade.

For several trim items, like the cove, crown and bed moldings, just sit at the angle to the ceiling or wall. To cut these, I love to think about the bed within the saw while the roof and the fences as the wall structure, and placement the molding that way. Then you will cut the miters like various other trim, without needing to make a compound miter. Create a jig to make sure the molding is held at a constant angle each time.

Step 06: Once Utilizing a Sliding Miter Saw, There Are Some Appropriate Ways to Create a Sliding Cut:

1. Begin by placing the board against the wall and grip it.
2. Before starting the blade, pull the miter saw you until the blade is straight over the board’s edge that’s closest to you.
3. Press the trigger to begin the saw and wait for that to attain maximum rotation speed. Pull the blade down and into the wood then.
4. As the blade is rotating, drive the saw back and away from you otherwise you blade cutbacks through the rest of the wood.
5. After the blade has completed slicing through the wood, lift your best miter saw and launch the trigger to avoid the saw.
6. Usually, slice the factory end from the actual board before measuring and trimming a part designed for a better match and less layering.
7. Allow the saw is doing the work; don’t pressure the blade through the real wood.
8. If it is possible, cut each angled end of a right part before you mark plus cut the opposite end.

Safety of the Miter Saw:

Miter Saws are easy to use and safe if you follow the instructions on how to use a miter saw and precautions included. Take the time to go through and realize them. Here are some of the most crucial safety measures:

  • Unplug the saw whenever you are changing the sharp blade or perhaps not utilizing it.
  • Keep the fingers at least six inches from the path of the blade. A lot of saws possess lines to point the danger area.
  • Wear security eyeglasses and hearing safety if you are operating the saw.
  • Don’t reach beneath the saw blade while it is spinning.
  • Let the blade arrive into a complete stop at the end of every cut before lifting it all.


A miter saw is an essential tool for any carpentry work. This article clarifies fundamental approaches for using the miter saw, along with tricks and tips for getting the best results. A miter saw especially small miter saw would enhance the quality of your work while making the task much easier.

This article is only for you guys. We have tried our best to show how to use a miter saw correctly in this post. So visit my site and earn plenty of knowledge about different types of miter saws. Check out Best Miter Saw Reviews for more. If any questions just feel free ask us. Your feedback is very much crucial for us.

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