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How To Clean Wooden Furniture At Home

William C Buchanan
  May 28, 2023 4:59 PM

Despite the latest additions and new materials such as PVC, Glass, Plastic, and so on, wood remains the king of the furniture mountain. Many families prioritize maintaining their wooden furniture in good condition. They frequently dust and shine wood furniture, but with time, the polishes and dust mix to form a dark film on tables, chairs, and shelves.

Here is our recommended easy cleaning method for how to clean wooden furniture at home.

How To Clean Wooden Furniture At Home



  • Microfiber cloths

  • Bucket

  • Cheesecloth


  • Water

  • Mild dish soap

  • Mineral spirits

  • Semi-solid furniture polish


1. Clean away dust

To begin, use a moist microfiber cloth to wipe your wood furniture to eliminate dust. Then wipe it nicely with another dry microfiber towel as you don't want water to sit on the wood. A simple wipe-down with a microfiber cloth will be enough for regular dusting.

2. Remove sticky spots

If you have any sticky spots on your wood furniture, apply a small drop of dish soap on a microfiber cloth and test a little part of the furniture to be sure the finish isn't destroyed. If everything is okay, mix a few drops of dish soap into a cup of water and gently work on the gummy area. After cleaning the spot, dry it with another microfiber cloth.

3. Deep cleaning

In more difficult rust, mineral spirits may be necessary. Mineral spirits is a petroleum distillate that is used to clear stains and varnishes to eliminate waxy build-up. When using the product, always use protective gloves. Before you begin, test a tiny area to ensure that it will not remove the finish. Apply a little amount of mineral spirits on a clean cloth and rub down the sticky area. 

4. Apply furniture paste wax

Waxing or polishing maintains the product’s finish and helps in the reduction of surface scratches. Wax is more durable than sprays or polishes and gives a strong finish and long-lasting protection.

Depending on the condition of your wood furniture, you may need to apply wax to preserve it and retain its gloss. Apply a semi-solid wax (without silicone) on the wood furniture with a cheesecloth. Allow the wax paste to settle for a few minutes before rubbing it in with a clean microfiber cloth. Polish sprays, which might leave a residue, should be avoided. If you decide to use wax, make sure to read the product guidelines before applying it.


Should you clean wood furniture with water?

Yes, but only in little quantities. When cleaning wood with water, simply use a little, not wet, cloth or sponge, and then dry the wood. Water is ideal for diluting other cleansers to create mild cleaning solutions. Harsh chemicals should never be used to clean wood.

What is the best way to clean wood furniture?

Make a dilute solution of water and dishwashing soap. Wipe the entire item with a soft cloth that has been dipped in the solution and wrung out. You want a moist cloth, not one that is soaked. Don't over-saturate the wood, and rinse your towel frequently.

How often should wood be cleaned?

The longer stains remain on your furniture, the more difficult they are to remove. If you want to treat your wood, you should polish it at least once every six weeks. If you do it too frequently, you risk ruining the veneer and weakening the surface, leaving your furniture exposed to harm.


In conclusion, the main reason why people are reluctant to clean wooden furniture at home is because they are afraid that it will be damaged. To avoid that, you have to know the right way to clean your wooden furniture.

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